Aliciana // 2020 Senior Rep Portraits

Remember the post about my Senior Representative Group Shoot?! Now we get to dive into each of these beautiful ladies senior portraits, starting with the absolutely stunning Aliciana! In addition to their senior portrait package, my senior reps are given a FREE mini shoot, which is great to use if you want to capture more than one season (which

took advantage of)!

We started her portrait experience down in Clarkston (did you know Brooklyn Henley Photography travels?!)... where we found a few perfect locations! We got to capture her sweet and spicy sides, and grab a few fun shots in her cheerleading uniform!

Not to mention, this girl is a TROOPER for sticking it out in 90 degree weather.... even when she was doing cheer jumps and tricks for the camera!

Thank you so much for all the fun, Aliciana! It has been a pleasure getting to know such a sweet girl!

CLASS of 2021: If you'd like to opportunity to be a part of my Senior Representative Program, and get fun images and group shoots like Aliciana, shoot me a message, and keep an eye out on my Social Media pages for more info!

Instagram: @bhenleyphotography


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